Mission Team Wanted!

Short term vision trips are a wonderful way to get involved with everything we are doing at Love Guatemala and help us achieve our vision. They also allow you to get a first hand look at the needs of our staff and the people we serve every day. 

We are very thankful to be able to receive teams once again at Love Guatemala. It is a great help to not only do special projects to support our staff, students, and people of the community, but more importantly build relationships with the people in Guatemala. Teams have done everything from building houses, to youth events, to vacation Bible school. 

This year, we have been blessed to receive two teams so far. But, the year is far from over! At the end of November going into the beginning of December, we are looking for a team to come and serve at Love Guatemala. This team would be specifically supporting the ministry during our graduation! Graduation is a time of joy and celebration. Our students work very hard for their education and they are always overjoyed to be able to receive their diplomas. 

If you are interested in coming to serve at Love Guatemala this fall, contact us! We would love to have another team here to support all that is going on in the ministry and we are so excited to see all that God will do!

*You can also check out what it is like to join a short term mission team by watching the video above!