A Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday we had a baby shower for a girl that was fourteen.

Her name is Jaqueline Jasmin Miranda Panameno but we call her Jaqui.

Jaqui has five brothers but her father died a while ago and after that her mother no longer wanted her and her brothers to continue school. Soon after her mother left their home and their grandparents started taking care of them. Her grandparents are in their mid to late sixties and taking care of six or more children. Her brothers and grandparents work to pay for their food and schooling. Recently her mother came back and her grandparents let her stay so Jaqui and her brothers can spend some time with their mother.

Jaqui is in the literacy program here and wants to continue following her dreams despite being pregnant at such a young age. Here are some words from her, “I want to study to support my grandparents because they are my biggest inspiration. I thank God for my brothers for all the support they give us. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to succeed. God Bless.”

This baby will be a blessing to Jaqui and her family. It may not seem like a blessing to her right now but God has big plans. Jaqui is not alone. She has the Love Guatemala family by her side and we will love her no matter what, because that is how you show God’s love. Romans 8:39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We surprised Jaqui with a baby shower to show her that she is not alone and that we will always love her. We played games, opened gifts, ate some cake, and just had some fun. Here are some pictures from the event so you can join in on the emotion and plan God has for Jaqui and her baby.

Bienvenida Jaqui!

Lots of students came to show their love


We are also so thankful for our supporters and how they show Jaqui love and care for her and give her hope. It is a blessing to have people who will love you no matter what. God is good and blesses us with more than we know.

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