Andy’s Story: A Testimony of Faith

Twenty-one year old Andy, a graduate of Love Guatemala, says that his life is forever changed.  After graduation, Andy was an assistant in the art school for a year, but today, he runs his own business and his art is in high demand. He thanks Love Guatemala for giving him the skills to allow him to begin his  business, but more importantly for ministering to him and showing him how to be faithful. Andy’s future plans include opening his own gallery, and continuing to give lessons, so that he too can be a light to the younger generations.

Check out more of Andy’s Story below:

There are many other students striving to continue their studies, so that they too can have the success that Andy has had. If you would like to be a part in helping a student achieve their goal, click here for more information.

Thanks for giving hope and helping to break the cycle of poverty in this community!

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