Through the Eyes of a Short Term Team Member

If you have maybe wondered what it is like to come down on a team and serve with Love Guatemala check out this written by Tysha who came down in July and served with Love Guatemala.  You can find out more about serving on a team here:


“I had an experience not to long ago to travel abroad and help others in Magdalena Guatemala.  I had heard stories about this place from a friend that had traveled there many times and this time she wanted me to join her.

After many fundraising efforts the plane tickets were purchased and soon I would actually be stepping out of my comfort zone and off the safety net.  The day came with a beautiful sunrise and while sitting at the airport waiting to board my first of a couple flights I started to run through my mind of what to possibly expect.
While a had few people ask me if I was nervous or anxious about this adventure I always answered with not all as I didn’t feel any emotions except maybe curiosity as not knowing what was waiting on me.
Upon arriving the first person I met was a gracious man named Carlos.  He had the warmest smile and appeared to be such a happy man.  He made me feel so comfortable in this new territory for me.  After a lengthy car ride we finally arrived at the school where we would be staying.  Though it was late we were greeted with warmth and hospitality.
The week was so full of many great things and a variety of emotions.
There were some days I felt like an outsider and not sure where I belonged or how to help but i just kept plugging on and finding things that needed to be done.
It was a week of hard work between assisting in classrooms, playing with kids, working the feeding center, visiting homes, worshiping, and making friends so if someone were to try to tell me it was not worth going I would tell them they were wrong.  Yes I understand we have people and families in the United States who have hardships as well but in my opinion it is easier for an American here to get the assistance they need where as in Guatemala the resources are very limited to the people who call this place home.
I was so moved by the children who live here, they were always happy, laughing and playing and had no sadness upon their faces.  It was such a blessing to play with these kids and one thing they showed me is no matter how bad things are a smile and hug goes a very long way.
The staff at the school were so warm and friendly.  They are doing a great job at helping the people and kids in Magdalena learn and excel towards their goals and future. Leaving this place was hard as I felt there was more I needed to do to help but my time was up.
Arriving back in the states I have had to overcome a few challenges I didn’t expect to have.  The first been guilt, I felt guilty for the things i am blessed and able to have such as a nice home, clothes, medical care, and food.  It was very hard to eat a meal and not feel hurt for knowing there were people I met that do not get to eat every day much less 3 or 4 times a day.  I am gradually getting past this.  The next challenge has been anger, seeing how wasteful and selfish Americans can be and some are but I am not one to judge so I don’t.  I am more mindful in the things I have and try not be as careless in wasting food, clothing, medicine etc.
I brought home with me a new look at life and how I have been living.  I also brought with me new friendships, and beautiful memories.  Now I have been asked would I travel to Magdalena again? I simply answered if God calls me back then most definitely I would return.
I have beautiful paintings hanging in my home three of which are from one family of very talented artist and one from an art student, when I look at them I smile and say a simple blessing for these people.  If I could say anything to the people I met I would say Thank you for a blessed week, your hospitality, and letting me be a small part of your life,  Thank you for what you unselfishly do for others.
As I fall asleep each night I ask God to protect all those in Magdalena and to bless the teachers, staff, and the Kunkel family for what they do and to help them to continue to grow their outreach.
For those that ever have the opportunity to go to Magdalena and help with Love Guatemala the advice I can give you is this: Go with an open mind and heart, be prepared to feel many emotions, be willing to put forth hard work, and let God lead you.  Also watch out for the widow maker in the shower it can be quite shocking.
Thank you Love Guatemala for an experience I will never forget and i hope to one day return. In the meantime may God bless you all and keep you safe. “
Thanks for sharing Tysha!
You can check out their team video here:

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