Well Update


As you may know we have been working on a sustainable water source for the Love Guatemala Vocational Training Center.  It has been going ever so slowly.  We started earlier this year with hopes of having water in 6 weeks or so but it has not quite gone as planned.

They have hit rocks as they have dug and many other sorts of soil.  They at one point hit water but it turned out to be very little water and we needed to continue to dig to get to a better water source.

The need for water is not just for now but for future growth and ability to provide water for the facility and other future schools and initiatives in the years to come.

Would you pray with us about this need for water?

  1. We need water and would like to hit this water source soon.
  2. We need more funding to finish this project as it has cost more than planned and also we need a larger cistern once we find water.

If you would like to help financially with this project you can give here online or mail a check to:
Love Guatemala
401 E Michigan St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Thanks for helping us find water and give hope to many for years to come!

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