1st Year English Exams

This past week, our English students had a presentation exam. These exams are always an exciting thing to see. They show the work that the students have been putting in to their studies and how far they have come in the year they have been learning English. These specific students are from the first year English class. That means that all of the vocabulary and grammar that they are using in their presentations have come from their year in Love Guatemala.

The presentation topic was restaurants and food. Each of the students had to create a “restaurant “ or food stand, make up a menu in English, present all of their food items in English, and answer any questions that the teacher and audience had. Each project was unique and showed their creativity. The effort that was put into each presentation was amazing to see! 

We love to see the first year English students’ presentation because we not only witness all the hard work they put in during the year, but we are also able to see the potential that they have for the years to come! We are looking forward to bright futures for our students and we can’t wait to see all that God will do not only in their time and at Love Guatemala but also afterwards after graduation!