Feeding Center Ladies

This past week, a group from Columbia came to work with the local church, Nueva Vida (New Life). They wanted to have a special devotional time with the ladies from the feeding center and what a blessing it was!

You might have noticed in the photos that we post of the feeding center that often time the moms of the children come with them. These ladies are unique and the way they care for their kids is beautiful. They bring their children every week and they each help with whatever needs to be done. They wash dishes, clean and store the tables after the lunch, and sometimes help with the cooking.

It was beautiful to see them have their own devotions with the team. Many of the moms are going through hard times; family turmoil, severe poverty, not being able to find work. They all carry burdens that sometimes get overlooked. But during their devotion, they were told about the love of God. No matter what they are facing, God is always there to walk beside them and love them.

It was a wonderful sight to see the tears and prayers as they were reminded of the love of God!