Whistle While You Work

Monday, August 22, 2011

This was the most labor intensive day of the week. We are working with Christian on his home (whom we met the day we arrived). We were grateful to be joined by Mark and Gina Schmidt of deepStream and Carlos Lopez of La Esquela de Arte. We met Chris Steed who is overseeing the 12×12 Love Project here in Buena Vista and Magdalena. Christian's home is off of the main road about a 1/2 mile. Concrete block and rocks and volcanic soil that is used to make concrete were placed just off the main road. We moved all of these supplies to the base of the hill where the home lies. By hand, by wheel barrel and utility vehicle. The walkway was blocked about half way down the hill where the utility vehicle could not pass, so from there forward mostly by wheel barrel.

Through the 12×12 Love Project, a block house costs $3000. We raised this money on Erica Coleman's suggestion to provide this home to Christian's family. This $3000 includes labor to hire local Guatemalan's to build the house. We were able to aid in getting the materials closer to their disposal. When we were getting tired we were lifted by Christian and Carlos' energy. So full of life and excitement. We were on site for most of the day. The wonderful ladies of the cooking school prepared us a beautiful cake with fruit toppings to be enjoyed after a hard days work. Bueno.