Chicken Coop Madness

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This was the only day that our neighbor played music most of the morning. And as if there weren't already a number of ways to prepare an egg, we were introduced to another way. The egg was flat and textured, lightly fried with a runny yoke. Delicioso!

Today, we will be with a family who has two children in La Esquela de Arte and work to do some updates to their kitchen. Jose and Alex are in la esquela de arte and were on site with us, teaching us how to prepare a block of wood to attach to one of the cement beams for stability. They used their machete to chisel down a small screw like peg to then insert into a block of wood. Amazing skill there as we roll in with our power tools. Jose and Alex were very curious abou

The Official Cellulite Cure

t learning English asking us what we call many objects in sight. Their mother is also in the baking school and prepared a delicious cake for us to enjoy as a snack with fresh fruit toppings, including a candied fig which grows there locally. The walk to the house was beautiful a great overlook in the valley of the mountain. The family's kitchen lies in the front of the house with two sides of lamina. We replaced the lamina and put in some new beams to secure the walls.

Mark Schmidt of deepStream joined us for lunch as we heard his testimony as to how he and his family came to Guatemala and the work they are doing. The afternoon was spent building two chicken coops. We had a little fun with it dividing into two groups and had a little contest on speed, quality, safety and the sort. You can watch how that turned out here: Eli's Chicken Club

The Official Cellulite Cure