Volcano Relief Efforts

Many of you have now seen the horrible devastation that happened not to far from us. We are maybe 15 miles from where Fuego did some horrible destruction. It wiped out a few towns and affected several other. Hundreds were killed and thousands misplaced. We have visited dozens of families in one of the towns (San Juan, Alotenango) closest to the towns that were destroyed. We have cried and prayed with people who have lost as many as 25 family members. The loss is horrific. The pain is incredible.

Although we are not a disaster relief organization, we felt called to be involved in some way.  The Friday after the eruption we visited the area along with a few others and discerned how we can help. There were several ways we felt we could help. There were some basic needs were able to meet. But honestly, many of the basic needs were being met such as food, water etc.  But one of the biggest needs that was not being met was beds or places for people to sleep. So we thought since we have a carpentry school with equipment and lots of students and staff eager to help let’s see what we can do to make bunk beds. Our friend did a video about this here you can check out.

So far we have made and delivered 10 bunk beds, we also delivered mattresses, blankets, shoes, socks and underwear for about 10 families. We are currently working on another 15 bunk beds and will be doing more. Tomorrow our team will visit and deliver another 10 beds.

We also have been contacted by the ministry of education here in Guatemala. There are several schools that have been affected and destroyed. They have nothing. So yesterday we were able to purchase a bunch of school supplies. On Monday we will deliver them and give them all a Bible and pray with them. Many of them have lost family members, friends and all their material belongings. We are excited about this opportunity!

One of the biggest needs long term is housing for many families. We hope to be able to help with this need as well over the coming months depending on funds and help.

A huge thanks to many of you who have given and been a part of all this. Special thanks to New Life Network and World Compassion Network whom we are partnering with. We will continue to update and send pics. Below are some pics from one of our visits.

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