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  • Love Guatemala Team

    Our last trip to Guatemala was a little different than most. We sent a team last week with Pastor Ben & Jennifer Kunkel, Pastor Aaron Story and Susie Hood. We went to do some of the usual stuff we typically do while we are there such as home visits and build chicken coops. But one […]

  • Want to Go to Guatemala?

      One of the ways we love Guatemala is through regular trips there throughout the year.  We took our first trip to Guatemala almost three years ago and have been going at least 2 times per year for the last 3 years. This year we decided it would be best to take multiple trips there. Why? […]

  • Make A Difference!

    One of the barriers to many children being able to go to school in Guatemala is school supplies. What many of our kids take for granted or even dislike, is sometimes the only barrier keeping theseprecious kids from receiving an education. Because of the generosity of God’s people we were able to provide school supplies […]

  • Big Announcement!!

    We have been praying for over a year now about having someone move to Guatemala and be there full time.  We have by God’s grace been able to do so much and have had such a huge impact in Magdalena over the past couple of years and we know that having a family there full […]

  • A New Day (or better known as our longest day of most likely the year)

    Friday, August 19, 2011 We arrive in Guatemala City to be picked up by a charter from deepStream. It's about an hour drive into the mountains to Magdalena. The landscape is filled with political signs for the upcoming election, pedestrian overpasses (as I remember having over the track for Formula 1 in Indianapolis) and many […]