Want to Go to Guatemala?

  One of the ways we love Guatemala is through regular trips there throughout the year.  We took our first trip to Guatemala almost three years ago and have been going at least 2 times per year for the last 3 years. This year we decided it would be best to take multiple trips there. Why? Click here to find out: https://loveguatemala.org/la-esquela-de-arte/want-to-go-to-guatemala-here%e2%80%99s-how-and-other-ways-to-be-involved/

We have our first trip for this year scheduled next month and we have two more trips planned for the near future. Here are the dates we are planning to go:

  • March 24-31st
  • June 16th-23rd

If these dates do not work we will have 3 other trips later in the year. The cost for each trip is $1,000. This includes your flight, lodging and food while you are there. Is money an issue for you? We can help.

If you are interested in going please contact Pastor Ben at ben@indymetro.org