Big Announcement!!

We have been praying for over a year now about having someone move to Guatemala and be there full time.  We have by God’s grace been able to do so much and have had such a huge impact in Magdalena over the past couple of years and

we know that having a family there full time that the impact will be exponentially greater.  And so we have been praying towards those means.

Well we are excited to announce that we have found someone whom God has clearly called to this.  It is someone who has been a part of Indy Metro Church since nearly the beginning.  They have been serving faithfully at IMC for nearly five years.  They have served in many roles over the years, but most recently have been serving as one of our Pastors.

We are sending the Kunkel family to Guatemala!  It has become evident to the Kunkel’s over the past several months that God was calling them to make a transition in their ministry role.  They did not realize that this transition would send them thousands of miles away.

This calling became clearer and clearer first through a trip that Jennifer took back in January of 2011.  Through that trip God began to give Jennifer a burden for the people there that she could not shake.  She began to lose sleep thinking and dreaming about the precious people of Magdalena.  Ben could see that this wasn’t just a spiritual high from a mission’s trip but something much bigger.  Not knowing what all this meant Ben visited Magdalena later in June of 2011.  Through that trip and through much prayer and fasting and discussions with the other Pastors and leaders at IMC they knew that God was indeed leading them to go and be a part of what God was doing in Magdalena.

Please pray with us for the Kunkel family as they begin this transition that, Lord willing, will have them in Guatemala by June of 2012.  Pray for wisdom and strength as they begin to build partnerships and raise support.