Students’ Rally 2022

This past week, we were able to have our student rally. It is always a blessing to be able to restart something that we had done before Covid. It used to be some thing that we did every year, but we had to take a break because of Covid. We loved being able to see the students work together to complete each obstacle.
There were many obstacles this year. One included building a human pyramid. Another was reciting a Bible verse and acting it out in a play. They also had to move water from one spot to another without spilling it and run a race. And another fun one to watch, was when they had to melt ice cubes between their hands and even a sack race!
With each new year, comes new students new challenges and new opportunities. Watching the students thrive in not only working together for a rally, but also striving to do the best that they can in their classes is a blessing and a joyful thing to watch. We can’t wait to see what else this year holds and all that God will continue to do!