Our First Team Since Covid

This past week, we had our first team since Covid! It started out as a joint team of Cindy and Tom from Virginia and Amy (Love Guatemala’s board president) and Amanda from Indiana. A couple of special events happened including a special dinner to honor and pray over Katy as she becomes the new director of Love Guatemala, and a special time where all of our staff members told the story of how they came to Love Guatemala as well as a prayer over Ben as he transitions out.


The team split on Sunday and Tom and Cindy remained to serve. They went on home visits with several families and were able to bring bags of food. They listened as each family told the story of what has been happening in their lives. Some stories were very difficult, but it was a blessing to be able to pray over them.

They also taught a couple classes. Tom taught a cooking class to all the moms from the feeding center. The moms had a wonderful time and really enjoyed learning. The best part of the recipe is that it is something they can make over and over again for their families! Cindy also taught a class to the moms. She handed out kits that were made by ladies in Virginia that included reusable pads. They were very excited about receiving their kits! 

A special thing that they were able to do, was buy new shoes for all the kids in the feeding center. The joy on each of the kids’ face was priceless as they tried on their shoes. Some of the children had shoes that were falling apart or no longer fit, so they, along with their moms, were overjoyed!

We are so excited to have been able to have our first team in such a long time and we are thankful for the blessing that it was. We are looking forward to more teams coming soon!