Gala Night 2022

This past Saturday we had our Gala Night at Love Guatemala. This is the first year since Covid that we are able to host. Our staff worked very hard to prepare for the event. Starting early Friday morning, everyone came to clean and setup. 

There was a lot of work to be done because with the construction on the multipurpose area there was a lot of materials to be moved and organized. About 30+ wheelbarrows of sand needed for concrete making had to be moved, along with a truck full of construction trash and gravel. After that was done, everything had to be cleaned, curtains and tablecloths needed to be sewn, decorations and tables and chairs had to be set up, and all the dishes for the dinner needed to be washed. It was a group effort that took all day to finish.

On Saturday, the staff once again came in bright and early to finish the decorating and set out all the dishes for the dinner. In addition to that, four of our staff members worked from early that morning to into the event to prepare and serve the food. We are very proud of their efforts.


When the event started in the evening, there were over 250 who attended. It was wonderful to see all that God has provided. The evening included a welcome speech, a raffle, the history of Love Guatemala, a Bible message, and a dinner. There was a lot of rain for a portion of the event, but that didn’t stop students and family from braving the elements to get there.

All in all, the event was a success and a wonderful time to marvel in all that God has done.