Students’ Final Project

Last week the students that will be graduating this year worked on their final project. They all did such a great job! 

The students from the cooking school cooked and presented a wonderful three course meal to the people they invited, the staff, and the team from Piedmont Church in Georgia. There were two teams who each had different recipes to prepare. They each prepared a soup, a main course, and a dessert. Everyone enjoyed their meal and were very impressed by the quality of the food as well as the professionalism that the students showed.

We also had two students from art, carpentry, and English who participated in the event. Our carpentry student helped serve food as well as made beautiful trays that were used to serve food. Our art student also helped prepare the tables and serve food. And our English students helped to translate for the team that was there. 

We are so happy to see the progress that the students have made and are very proud of all the hard work that they put into their final projects!