Piedmont Church 2019


This past week has been a blessing to everyone. We are thankful to God that Piedmont was able to be here to share and spend time with the students, staff, and community. 

This week they were able to do many things. They spent an afternoon playing soccer with some of our students. They also worked with the  people who needed medical help by doing a medical clinic one of the days they were here. About 60 people were blessed with medical treatment and medicines that will help them feel better.

The team was able to participate in the students final project activity. They were able to see how much the students have worked and improved in all that they have learned. The team received a wonderful meal prepared by the cooking school and served by students from the art, carpentry, and cooking school, and everything translated by English school students. We are very proud of the students and very happy that the team could participate.

Another thing they were able to do is build a house and a chicken coop for a single mother. They did a great job working together and the mom and her two children are very grateful to have the help. The house turned out beautiful and will be a huge help to the family for years to come.

Pastor Jerry and his team are a big blessing to the Love Guatemala family. Every time they visit us they always bring blessings to share. It is a great blessing to have the support of Piedmont church. We are very thankful to them for leaving their country, their families, their activities, leaving everything and coming to Guatemala to give us their time. God bless you.


You can check out the team video here! :