Staff Devotions

At Love Guatemala, we do many things to learn and grow together as a staff. One of those being our weekly staff devotional. Each Monday we get together and share in the word of God and spend time praying together.

Right now, we are working through the book of Romans. Each of our staff members is going to touch on a section and teach us what they have learned. It has been a blessing to be able to hear each of their hearts as they share the things God has shown them in their studies.

This week, Otto gave the devotion over Romans 3:21-4:12. He talked about our faith being what saves us and not our works. We are all sinners and no matter how much we may try, we can not win over God with our acts.

After the devotional, Otto had us write down on a piece of paper a prayer request and put it in a bowl. Then, each of us picked a prayer request. We got in a circle and knelt to pray together as a staff. It was a beautiful time to pray for one another.

We are looking forward to hearing more devotionals from our staff as we finish out the year!

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