Check Out Our Feeding Center!

Have you heard about our feeding center? The feeding center not only provides lunches to children in the area but also helps provide for their families and most importantly teaches them the word of God at a young age!

We are blessed to have families that are a part of our feeding center and 55 children that attend regularly. Once a week, they are able to come to Love Guatemala and receive lunches. Before Covid, it was two times a week and we are hoping to get back to that place soon. While the kids are at Love Guatemala they are able to receive a hearty lunch and hear the word of God.

The families who attend the feeding center are also visited regularly and are provided with a bag of food. Especially during Covid, poverty continued to get worse as families were not able to work. Providing this food for the families allowed them to have some of that burden lifted. We are grateful to have the opportunity to show God’s love by providing food.

We are excited to share more about the feeding center throughout this month. You will see pictures of the children and families that attend as well as some of their stories!