Love Guatemala 2013…

We have had a great year in 2012! God has done some amazing things in Guatemala over the past year. Go here to find a few more blogs from the Kunkel family about 2012. Looking forward in this year we are so excited about what God is going to do. As many of you may know we had some year end giving done by Indy Metro Church and Mosaic Church and Piedmont Church as well which has helped position us for a big year for 2013. Here are a few things in store for 2013:

  • We are currently working on providing school supplies for about 15 students here because of the generosity of Indy Metro Church.
  • We are going to start an afternoon art school class. This will allow us to have up to 30 students in the art school this year.
  • We are going to be expanding the classes in the carpentry school from 2 to 3 days per week. We are also going to expand the space to more than double. We will have 10 students in the Carpentry School this year. The money given by Mosaic is going to make this possible as well as be able to buy some much needed equipment, materials and wood.
  • We will have 12 ladies in the cooking school as well with a new intern working with Antoinetta our current cooking school teacher to be ready to launch another class there in 2014.
  • With the money that Indy Metro Church has given we will be able to begin the search for some property here to be able to continue to grow and expand the ministry here for years to come.
  • And much much more!

Please pray with us about all this that God will give us wisdom and courage as we move forward with our mininstry in Guatemala in 2013! Classes start on Monday so pray for another fruitful year of seeing lives changed through the hope and love that Jesus brings.