Field Day and Mother’s Day

We have had some fun activities recently here at Love Guatemala. One of the ways we are able to come along side our students is through providing fun activities for them and their families.  These activities are intentionally planned to teach our students teamwork, honor and integrity.  One of the events was our annual field day in which our students participated in a foot race and also a rally that had 7 obstacles for the teams to work together to complete.  Below are some pictures of this fun and challenging day.

The other event we had last Friday was our mother’s day celebration.  Mother’s day is a huge celebration here.  We had a big event to celebrate and honor the moms of our staff and students.  Here are some pictures of this event.

We have a great team that does a great job leading these special events.  Thanks to you all for your prayers and support that make these events possible and help us communicate our love for these students and their families!

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