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Magdalena, Milpas, Altas, and its surrounding villages has around 25,856 and less than us have health coverage. There are lack of medications, equipment, and specialists in the health centers. It is difficult to get access to appointments, medication’s, and tests because of high costs. This causes high levels of malnutrition, infant death, high risk pregnancy, and adults with serious untreatable illnesses.
In Love Guatemala we want to provide easy effective, and cheap attention to all of the population that needs it. We want to give hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ with our vision: Guatemala thrives when people develop holistically.
Right now, the growth and development program works with the purpose of combating child malnutrition. It supports the feeding center where the children are given food and are talked to about the love of Jesus.
The healthy pregnancy program has the goal of educating and equipping future mothers with the knowledge of risks, nutrition, newborn care, and spiritual counsel. “With a healthy pregnancy, you can have a healthy baby”

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