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Feeding Center at Love Guatemala

One of the ways we give hope is through our feeding center. See a quick update and a few pictures here.

The children’s feeding center is very helpful for many different people. Some of the children that visit us have nothing to eat. It is so special to see the children enjoy a plate of food. The truth is that there are no words for that emotion.

God is faithful. We have no doubt that God is blessing the resources of the feeding center. Each week around 30 to 40 children visit us. Some of them find it difficult to understand their homework so Doña Olga, the lady who cooks, helps the children to do their homework. She cooks and also shares the word of God at every meal. We are blessed to be able to give the children a meal twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The theme now that Doña Olga is teaching the children in the word of God is Baptism. Thanks to God not only the children receive this teaching but also their mothers who attend with them.

The smiles and joy of the boys and girls is a gift from God. Thank you very much for being part of the lives of these children! God bless your life and your plans!

You can sponsor a child for an entire year in the feeding center for $150.

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