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Expansion Project Update

As you may have seen on the first of April Love Guatemala began an expansion project. Our ultimate goal is for a multipurpose center there. The space will provide us a large space (seat around 500) to hold larger activities such as Graduation, Gala, Mother’s Day Activity etc. It will also serve as a space to play sports and minister to the community in this way. This space will also give us more space to park. It will have bathroom facilities, storage and a kitchen. Below you can see a rough draw up of it. The bottom of the pic butts up against the current space. The left part is the sports area and multi-purpose space. To the right is the storage, bathrooms and kitchen. The top right in the future will be another facility to house other schools and initiatives.

Right now as you can see we are just enclosing the property. The next step is the floor for the sports and multipurpose area and parking. Then we want to put a roof over the sports and multipurpose area. Then we will do the kitchen, bathroom and storage area.

Right now we have the funds for the enclosure which they should finish in another month or so. Will you pray with us for the rest of the funds? We need another $10,000 for the next step. Thanks for praying! Below are some more pictures of where we are now.

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