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Mother’s Day Celebration

This Tuesday, we had our Mother’s Day celebration. It was such a great time of joy and appreciation for all the mothers of our students here. There were a lot of prizes to win, a skit, and dinner afterward.

The day was started off with a skit put on by the students in the carpentry school. They talked about how mothers are angels that care for us. They all did a great job and were very creative.

The moms also had a chance to win a lot of prizes. There were prizes available for moms who answered special questions, as well as a prize for the one who arrived first. There was also a raffle so that all the mothers had a chance to win. There was everything from decorations to food prizes.

One of our English students, Olga, who is also a pastor, gave the sermon about Ruth and Naomi. She talked about how God commands us to love one another. It was a beautiful reflection and the moms seemed to really enjoy it.

The evening ended with dinner and the mothers being able to bring home their gifts home from their children. They ate a typical Guatemalan dish and the cooking students made the dessert as well as served the meal. 

We are so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to have this celebration to show how much we appreciate all the moms of the students!

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