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Expansion Project Progress

The work on the construction is moving along and it is beautiful to see the progress that has been made over this short course of time! 

As of right now, the construction of the dome over the top of the multipurpose area has begun. The walls are being built up, with spaces for windows along the top and soon the dome will be able to be put over the top of it. 

The stairs that combine the two properties have been built and look great! With the addition of the stairs it is really starting to come together and it makes it feel more like one property instead of two.

At this point, we are still short about six thousand dollars. Once that money is raised, the dome and the multipurpose area will be able to be completed! If you would like to give, to help with this project, you can go to (mark as expansion project) or send a check to the physical address which is 4201 E. 16th St., Indianapolis, IN 46201. We are so excited and hopeful for this next step in the construction. God is faithful and we know He will help provide the money needed! Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!

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