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End of 2021 Events

As 2021 quickly is coming to an end, we are overjoyed about the events we still have coming. Some of the events that we were not able to participate in last year, we are able to do this year. We are so grateful that slowly things are beginning to open up and giving us opportunities to celebrate a wonderful year together.

Coming up this week is our graduating students’ final presentations. We are very excited to see all of their hard work shine as they present what they have been tirelessly working on. 

The beginning of next week we will be celebrating graduation! This is always such a joyous occasion because we are able to recognize the hard work and sacrifices the students have made. This year we have 47 graduating students. We are so thrilled to be able to acknowledge those students in front of their family members. We are also ecstatic about the number of students we have this year. It is well over double what we had last year!

There are also a few other things being done to celebrate in the month of December. For one, we will be making baskets for the feeding center families. They will include the items that usually go in the food bags, but they will also include little treats for the families as a Christmas celebration. Each basket will cost $20. You can gift a basket here, and help a family to celebrate Christmas! We cannot wait to be able to give out the baskets to the families!


Another thing that we will be doing to celebrate in December is our staff Christmas party. We are so happy to have the chance this year to be able to celebrate together. With things uncertain at the beginning of the year, we were not sure if we would have this opportunity to be together, but we are blessed to be able to come together as a staff. 

We will also have the wonderful opportunity to be able to have a staff retreat this year. It is a way of saying thank you to our staff members who work so hard year after year to teach our students and be an example of our vision, “Give hope to Guatemalans through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Vocational training”. It will be a lovely time to appreciate our staff.

We can’t wait to share details from each event as they happen throughout this month and a half that we have left in 2021! 

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