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Focus on the Feeding Center

This month of November, we would really like to highlight and focus on what is being done in our feeding center! As you may know, this past year and a half have been very different in our feeding center program, as well as the other classes and programs at Love Guatemala. Previously, our feeding center was a program where children from Magdalena and the surrounding area came twice a week to be fed lunch, read a Bible story to, and prayed with. Since the pandemic, we wanted to continue to be present in our kids lives, but of course it has looked different.

Now, instead of coming twice a week to receive lunch, every two weeks the families of our feeding center children receive a bag a food to take home. A blessing that has come out of this has been that it has allowed us to see more of the families of the children we have been working with. Before, many of the children would come alone. Along with giving out food, we are able to weigh and measure the height of the children to ensure that they are continuing to grow and gain weight. We also are able to pray and ask for prayer requests from the families. It is definitely a special time when we are able to pray with these families!

Even though things continue to look differently, we thank God that we are able to continue to see our feeding center kids and continue to share God’s love with them. We are praying that we will soon be able to have them return to weekly visits.

To Sponsor the feeding center click here. For $200 you can sponsor one child for a year!

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