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A Day Of Fun For The Kids In The Feeding Center

This past week we had the opportunity to host a wonderful activity for our kids from the feeding center. It has been a while since we were able to invite the them to the building to celebrate together, so this was a very special time to spend together.

The activity started with a time of devotions with the children. It is amazing to see the way that the kids take in the Bible story and join in the prayer time together. A big blessing was also that the families of the children were able to come and join in this time and be a part of the devotional. It is always great to get the chance to not only share the Word of God with the our feeding center kids, but also their family members.

After the devotional time, the bags of food were given out to the families. In the feeding center, we give a bag to each family every two weeks. The bags contain things like pasta, sugar, salt, beans, rice, etc. It is thanks to donations that we are able to bless the families each month. For only $50, you can feed a child for 3 months! If you would like to donate to help us to continue being able to give out food to these families, you can click here!

The activity ended with a piñata for the kids. In a time with a lot of difficulties, it is such a blessing to be able to give the children a little bit of fun (and candy)! Their joy was so evident as they played together and shared in the special moment.

We are so grateful for gifts given toward the feeding center to be able to host activities such as these!

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