Fireworks, Roosters and Dogs, oh my!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The night is filled with dog fights. We awake to fireworks that are set off at 5 a.m. as a part of birthday celebrations and the sound of roosters and dog's barking. My favorite was the sound of the horse walking down the street near the team house. There is a distinct smell of wood burning for the stoves and for warmth throughout the village. A beautiful smell we will never forget.

Today, we will be building a kitchen for one of the family's in la esquela de arte program, Jordy, 13 years old. This will be a simple project, but will benefit the family a great deal. Currently the kitchen lies within the house. They use a wood burning stove and the smoke has nowhere to escape.

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We will be building the kitchen off of their home with 3 sides, made of lamina material, and putting down self made concrete for flooring. Boy was the concrete a project. The entire family

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was there for support. Even Jordy's grandfather, who took the day off to support the work we were doing for his family. We were also joined by Mark and Gina Schmidt of deepStream, Carlos and Thelma Lopez of La Escuela de Arte and Jose and Antoinetta of the Baking School. Great community support and interest.

Jordy is the male head of household. In addition to going to school and attending La Esquela de Arte,

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he has recently started crafting jewelry to sell to help supplement income for his family. Jordy has peeked a few Indy Metro members interest as a good candidate for managing a chicken coop as another micro-business opportunity. As far as home improvements go, they hope to be able to add windows to their home next.

The evening ended with the sounds of a futbol game within the village, discovering there was a field just around the corner from us.