Beginning Classes

This past week we began classes at Love Guatemala! On Friday we began with the weekday classes and on Saturday with the weekend classes. This included kids who will be a part of our new speech therapy program. We are so thrilled for 2023!

Both days started with a devotional and presentation of things that will come throughout the year. During the Saturday devotional, there was not an empty chair in the multipurpose space and the chairs almost went all the way to the back wall! It is so exciting to see all the students excited to learn and grow!

It was also a special time because we were able to present all of our staff to the incoming students. That included new staff that are coming on this year.

We are very much looking forward to all that this year will bring. There are many great things that will be happening during 2023 and we know that God will do mighty things in the lives of our staff and students!