An Exemplary Teacher

All of our teachers are doing an extraordinary job with not only their classes, but really staying on top of keeping connected with their students. One teacher that is doing a wonderful job is our primary and basicos teacher, Leyli! She has always done a good job of keeping learning interesting, and this time doing online classes is no exception.

She does a great job staying organized in a time that it is easy to get distracted while working from home. Each week she sends in her schedule with everything that she will be working on. That includes time with each class, meetings, and devotionals.

Leyli has also been making it a point of reaching out not only to her students that have not been doing a great job in their work, but also the students that have not been able to attend regularly.

We are very proud of Leyli and her work during this time of online classes. We are excited to see how she continues to work with her students and also how she will continue to motivate them to keep moving forward!