A Taste of the Kingdom


This past week we were lucky enough to christen our Feeding Center. Two weeks earlier, we had our official first day of the program that is going to feed around 50 of the neediest children of our community twice a week. Tuesday though, we were able to celebrate and pray over our completed outdoor space that our team from Piedmont Church in Macon, Georgia was able to finish.

This project has been the dream of Carlos and Thelma for many years. Ben and I got to stand with Carlos as we saw the preparations come to fruition for the first meal to be served. With tears in our eyes Carlos said, “I dreamed of a kitchen to feed kids, I never imagined a space so grand as this for them to eat in as well.”

Like life with Jesus, we threw a party. We had two piñatas, friends from the states, lots of food, and even a clown. We danced, played silly games, and threw candy in the air. We ate a complete meal. We laughed.

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Photos: 1. Little man getting a whack at the piñata. 2. CANDY 3. Miss Jana and Pastor Jerry cut the ribbon to officially…4. Welcome kids into our permanent space for the Feeding Center.

Having seen the advancement of this project in its physical location from beginning to end, I was struck when I turned the corner on Tuesday to see the decorations being placed. I heard music, cooking, English, Spanish, and laughter. I could taste the anticipation in the air. I could sense the joy in everyone’s hearts. I cried because of the simple joy of being blessed enough to see this small sliver of what the Kingdom of God looks like.

It looks like kids being fed. It looks like Americans stumbling through Spanish, albeit trying very hard. It looks like warm embraces and cold agua fresco. It looks like the small faces of Giovanni, Julio, Christian, Lesly, and Dulce Maria. It is in these faces that I have seen the face of God. It sounds like I am romanticizing the experience; but honestly, to stare into the eyes of these kids will change you. So be it.

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen a glimpse of the Kingdom of God here on this earth through the Feeding Center and schools here at Love Guatemala. And I want more. I’ve been here for six weeks now and it’s starting to feel like my community. I want more for my community. Practically speaking, we are able to provide 50 children with one meal twice a week currently. We pray that we can increase this number and eventually be able to offer meals every day of the school week. I know there will be a day where we are feeding 500 meals a week. Or more. There is more in Christ Jesus and I am believing for it! Shamelessly, I ask, would you consider supporting this endeavor? Would you consider supporting a student in their educational endeavors or becoming a part of the feeding center where the hungriest of our community are no longer anxious as to where their lunch will come from? If financial support is impossible at this time, would you pray for the Feeding Center? Tuesdays and Thursdays during your lunch break would be a great time to pray to the One who always provides.


Believing for more,

Caleb the Intern

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