Love Guatemala Staff – The Real MVPs

After back-to-back weeks of teams, we have returned to a somewhat normal schedule here at Love Guatemala. Still, I found myself more tired this week than any of the others. This is the halfway point of my time here interning this summer and I am struck by how fast it is going. Because of this, I can easily see the end approaching and my return to university in the United States. When my time is clearly planned out with definitive start and end dates, I am able to work with efficiency and determination. I know what is expected of me. It is easy.

Today I want to write what I simply feel. I respect the staff of Love Guatemala. I admire their perseverance and passion in all that they do. I commend their ability to always see Jesus in tough situations and even find a laugh or three along the way. Ben and Carlos are leading this staff through displaying their faith in actions. They have found the perfect blend of discipleship and employment through Bible study, professional development, personal care, and training.

Though I may be tired, I know that I am going to step out of this season soon enough. Ben and Carlos are here for the long haul. They are here believing for more in their community. They are here managing far too many things for two people to do. And yet, it gets done because they know it is worth it for their students. They love well and it is reflected in the degree of professionalism I see in the staff. More importantly, the love of Jesus is reflected into the lives of the students, their families, and this community through the staff of Love Guatemala. I like to think that I seek truth, dream big, and never settle. Love Guatemala is doing the same. They love Guatemala well without settling for mediocrity in order to show that the God who is Love has a perfect plan for every person’s life.

Because of this, I want to publicly honor: Ben and Jennifer Kunkel, Carlos and Telma Lopez, Katy, Antonieta, Pedro, Patty, Lesbia, Luvia, Rosario, Beygi, Andy, Wilder, Melvin, Julio, Luis, Betty, Olga, Lydia, Thelma, and Maira.

In awe of an Awesome God and stellar co-laborers in Christ,

Caleb the Intern

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