Why Love Guatemala Exists…

As some of you may have heard it has been a rough week here. We have had two families connected to Love Guatemala that have fathers that battled Alcoholism and both of them took their lives this week. It is so sad and this is never the answer. It has been a difficult and emotional week but we know that this is why Love Guatemala exists.

We exists to show love in situations like this. We exist to bring hope in the name of Jesus. Through our presence in Guatemala we want to bring hope through our trade schools and show the students that they don't have to settle for less. They don't have to settle for a life of alcoholism. Our goal is that they see that they can have hope because of Jesus.

There is nothing greater than seeing the work they accomplish whether it be a cake like this one here made in our cooking school: 

kidney stones treatment
papers for college

Or these pieces of furniture made in the carpentry school:

Or this painting made in the art school:

The hope they get as they accomplish this tasks gives them hope for the future. It gives them hope that they can accomplish anything they set their mind too. Thanks for giving hope.

LOVE GUATEMALA – Bringing hope in the name of Jesus.