May Prayer Focus

Without prayer we can accomplish nothing! We need your prayers for Love Guatemala every month but we have set aside May to pray and continue to ask God for big things here in Guatemala. Will you pray with us? I have been challenging the students in our schools this week with this passage from Mark 11:22-24. 22 Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God. 23 I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. 24 I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Will you pray in faith for God to do big things? If so I would like to challenge you to a few things specifically.

  • Will you pray for at least 1 hr per week for the remaining weeks of May?
  • Will you fast in some sort of way for the last day of May? This is Friday May 31st.

Here are some specific ways you can be praying:

  • For spiritual openness in all of the students and families connected to the schools.
  • For the health of Carlos & Thelma
  • For $9,000 needed to purchase land (Read more about that here)
  • That the rest of students in the schools will get sponsored (Check out sponsorship program here)
  • Wisdom for direction as we move forward in ministry
  • Teachers – wisdom in teaching/discipling students
  • Wisdom for Ben/Jennifer & Carlos/Thelma as they lead the ministry in Guatemala
  • Health and safety of all of our students and their families

Here are some specific requests from several of the students in each of our schools: Cooking School: Elmy – Please pray for the company where my husband works. Pray that they will be able to give my husband more work because for 18 months this is how we have provided for our family. Also please pray for my mom because she is said because my siblings are not doing what they should and she is sad about this. Griselda – Pray for a loan that we have to pay every month that God wo

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uld open a door to get what is necessary. Also please pray for my husband’s ministry, he is a pastor and his name is Julio Cesar. Mayra – Pray for my kids and my parents and my siblings that don’t have any work. Flory – Pray for my family and for my husband that he can find work. Also pray for a need that only God knows Esmeralda – Please pray for my family, for my home and for my parents. Also for my husband’s work. Mildred – Please pray for my family that God would give us wisdom and strength to face our problems Beygi Lopez – Please pray for my family and my parents and for the life of my son who is sick. Please pray my family finds God and we love everyone. Marta Julia – Pray for my family and especially my kids who are sick. Their names are Katherine, Joseline and Madelion. Vilma – Please pray for my health and for my husband and son, Jonathon. Please pray for my parents and my work. Aura – Please pray for my family and for our business and for those who have health needs in Guatemala that they would have peace. Iris – Please pray for my family and for my brothers that are not walking with God and for one brother who is in the middle of a very difficult situation. Carpentry School Melvin – For my family Cristian – For my family Marlon – For my family Pablo – For my family Edwin – For my famiy Brayan – For my studies and for my dad Erick – For my family, my studies and that I will learn a lot in the carpentry school Tomas – For my Grandma Pedro (Carpentry School Teacher) – Please pray for my family and that God would give me the wisdom necessary to teach the young men in the carpentry school. Art School Dayana – Please pray for my family that they would be blessed Ana – Please pray for my family and especially for the health of my mom Lesly – Pray for my family and that I would help them Yeimy – Please pray for my sister and for my mom. My sister is very sick Balbina – Please pray for me and my husband that we can have unity with my mom Cristian – Please pray for my family Osvin – Please pray for my mom Wilmer – Please pray for my family and our health and that God would help all of the families Jordy – Please pray for my brother that his health would get better. Thanks for praying and being a part of what God is doing here!