Vocational Training Center Construction Update

Construction began on March 31st and they have been full steam ahead since. They are ahead of schedule by at least 3 weeks. They have finished phase 1 which was to clear the land, which involved cutting down trees and leveling the land. They the second part of phase 1 was to build the retention wall because the land is elevated off the street. They finished this a few weeks ago and started phase 2. Phase 2 is finishing the walls around the property which is already done and the foundation for the building. They started the foundation last week and hope to finish it in the next few weeks. Then we will start seeing the walls go up! Thanks to each of you for your prayers and support! Please keep praying for the construction process and more importantly the hundreds and thousands of lives that will be changed in the years to come in this new facility. Also please pray for guidance and support that we need to expand once the facility is completed. Check out several pictures from the last few months of work. It has changed a lot!

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