Trip to Guatemala-Summer 2011

Hey, what’s up?! My name is Erica and I go to IndyMetro Church here in Indianapolis. I want to tell you a little bit about myself and then I’ll tell you about our mission work in Magdalena, Guatemala. First off, I’m a kindergarten teacher at IPS. Love it….it’s a passion of mine to work with inner city youth, so I’m blessed to have a job teaching here. Another passion of mine is working with the homeless population. Photography and sports are also things that I really enjoy. Moving on to why I’m writing this….IndyMetro Church has partnered with a local, native family (Carlos and Telma Lopez) in Magdalena, Guatemala. This family felt a calling from the Lord to open up an art school for the local children. Because the poverty level is so high there, many families are not able to provide for their families. At this art school, students are given the opportunity to learn the basic skills of painting/art. With these skills, the students will be able to make a living and provide for their families. I will be traveling to Guatemala during the months of June and July 2011 to aide in the effort to end the cycle of poverty there. I hope to bring the love of Christ to these students as well as their families. I am praying that God will do BIG things on this trip. I am also in the process of raising our monetary support. I am trusting that God will provide for this awesome opportunity. I know that this trip will be challenging and rewarding. I am so excited to go and be God’s hands and feet in Guatemala. How can I help, you might ask? Well, I need your prayers. Pray that God will prepare my heart as well as open up the hearts of the students and families there. Pray that I would trust God completely with this. Pray that God will do BIG things!!!