Baking School Update!

In August, the IndyMetro team to Guatemala gave what seemed like a simple  gift. Towards the end of the trip one of the young ladie's, Violetta, who's brother is a student at the art school shared her dream was to learn how to cook.

We thought that sounded like a simple dream we could participate in. Violetta's dream to learn how to cook would open up opportunitie's for employement as it would provide a sustainable skill for her. We provided some “seed” money to get her started.

The teacher selected, Antoinette, within a couple weeks shared there were a few other women interested in receiving cooking lesson's too. So before we knew it there were five women in this newly forming cooking school.

Someone else visited Magdelana with a team from Florida, heard about our support and the newly unfolding story and was inspired to donate a $1,000 to purchase a new stove.

As we entered our reThink Christmas series we made a committment to do

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nate 100% of the December 19th offering to our partnership in Guatemala. Nearly $8,000 was generously given by the people of Indy Metro, and many other people outside of Metro catching the wave too!

During the month of January we provided both financial and physical support! We gave over $4,000 to support the construction and finishing of the school, which is now up to 11 ladies. All of this which stemmed from a simple gift to support Violetta's dream. To think about how many families will be impacted through a simple act of generosity is profound. And our January team of 9 people spent a week preparing and finishing the Guatemala Cooking School!

Pastor Aaron Story

Learn more about the school and view pictures of the construction!

Recuperar Mi Matrimonio