Give Hope

Sharing Hope with our Feeding Center Families

This past Friday we were able to visit our feeding center families again! Each time that we are able to see them it brings us new joy. We have kids from not only Magdalena. but from the surrounding towns as well. The kids faces are so happy to see people from Love Guatemala coming to visit them, and they are so excited as well that their family will have food provided for the next couple weeks. As the virus spreads in Guatemala, their continues to be families left without resources. Being able to provide food to the families of our sweet kids makes us so happy and we feel so blessed to have the opportunity. Even more so, we love being able to share the hope we have in Jesus.

As the number of cases rise in Magdalena, we pray for our town. We pray for all of our staff and students. We pray for our feeding center kids and their families. We are praying that everyone stays healthy, but we are also praying that everyone would feel at peace in this scary time, knowing that God is in control. 


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