Saturday Classes and Weekday Promotions

This week we had our Saturday orientation for our weekend classes. It is a blessing to see how many students have signed up to receive classes! Right now we have 89 students for Saturday classes and 12 for our bachillerato classes on Friday. The classes that are offered on Saturday are, English, Primary, and Basicos. Each class will prepare the students for the future and allow them to find better jobs. And of  course the most important way we can help our students is sharing the Gospel with them each time they attend classes

We continue to pray for students to sign up for our weekday classes. This weekend we also filmed videos to promote the weekday classes. The videos are posted on social media to draw more students to sign up. We have a goal of 300 students, but we are only at about a third of that goal right now. Join us in praying for our students and that we would achieve our goal.