Our Newest Class: Bachillerato

Guatemala and the United States have similarities and differences with their education system. Similarly, each education system is separated into three basic sections. In the United States, there is Elementary School, Middle School (or Junior High), and High School. In Guatemala, there is Primaria, Basicos, and Bachillerato. The difference is at what ages these classes are taken. Primaria is taken up until the age of 13 and is the equivalent to up to 6th grade. Basicos is a three year program and would be grades 7-9. Bachillerato is like grades 10-12 of high school but it is specifically preparing the students for college. It is an optional class, but a necessary one if someone is wanting to attend college. 

Bachillerato is our newest program here at Love Guatemala. Depending on what a student wants to study in college is what program they decide to pursue. The one that we are offering is a basic refresh of all the previous years of study, almost like a college prep course. It is offered to adults who where not able to complete those classes in the normal time frame. It is a very exciting thing to offer it to help our students continue their education!

If you would like to donate to support our bachillerato class, you can click here and add “Bachillerato” in the comments!