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Presentation Day

One of our favorite activities at Love Guatemala is seeing the graduating students work on their final presentations. Saturday, they presented the first draft of their projects. It is so wonderful to see how they have been working and their plans to continue to improve.

Each presentation was based on a business proposition. Some businesses have already been started in reality and some are dreams for the future. No two businesses were alike and it was amazing to see the uniqueness of each one. We saw everything from a bakery, to flower arranging, to a restaurant.

The judges asked great questions that made each student think. The beauty of these presentations was that the students will now be able to take the feedback and use it to improve. Each piece of constructive criticism will allow them to efficiently prepare for their futures. In doing the work to improve their projects, they will make their dreams of businesses a reality.

More than anything, these projects make us proud of our students because we can see who has worked so hard. The students that put in the hard work will be rewarded with success in their futures and we couldn’t be more grateful to have a front row seat to see it happen.

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