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Our summer of teams is officially over, but sure enough we will be hosting more near the end of September and beginning of October. Mission teams have proven to be a huge benefit to the ministry of Love Guatemala. They are extremely encouraging, supportive, and invigorating to host. I am personally so thankful for the benefit they brought to my time here.

Teams get the experience to interact and sometimes teach in our vocational schools. They go on home visits and are able to form relationships with families. They get to serve and eat with children at our feeding center as well as work with the staff of Love Guatemala and members of our community. Finally, they have a lot of fun!

Check out the more in depth description in the:  Informational Team Packet.

My favorite thing that happens to people when they visit Guatemala is the perspective shift that inevitably occurs. It is different for every person. Some are struck by the face of a child at our feeding center, and others by the determination of the women in our cooking school, and still others by the poverty they will encounter in the community. Either way, when people visit, they leave changed. They return to the States wrecked for the normal way of life. They’ve seen a different way of life. They’ve experienced something different and hopefully, it sticks.

More importantly, our students get to experience and form relationships with people who believe in them. This alone makes having teams worth it. When our students can put faces to names, learn, and laugh with Americans who genuinely care about their wellbeing, that is the game changer. This encourages them to continue working hard even when facing adversity. This gives hope. When our students know that they are supported and cared for, I believe they can achieve whatever they dream. Watching Jesus work in the lives of our students is a privilege. Seeing dreams come true is icing on the cake.

Our God is faithful and He continually gives hope,

Caleb the Intern

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