Lives Transformed

Love Guatemala exists to “give hope to Guatemalans through vocational training and the gospel of Jesus Christ.” We are not here to just train, but to give hope.  Hope comes in many ways but the main way is through Jesus transforming lives.  I wanted to take a minute and share a story of one such life transformed.

The picture above is Wilder.  Wilder has been a part of Love Guatemala for about 5 years.  He graduated from the Art School just over 2 years ago and stayed on for 2 more years to help as our Art School Teacher Assistant.  So this is the first year we have been without Wilder here.  It doesn’t seem the same without him or his brother Melvin who was also here for 5 years.

Although we are sad Wilder is not here we are also excited and encouraged.  He and his brother have started a business together doing art and furniture.  They both are going to be very successful.  Wilder is a very talented artist and is doing amazing work like the painting you see above and those below as well.

But more than just art Wilder left Love Guatemala a different person.  He encountered the love of God and will never be the same!  He has shared his story many times of how he came to Love Guatemala with no hope, no future, feelings of insecurity.  He left with not just a great talent of art, but a changed heart, full of confidence and hope!

Thank you for giving, praying and supporting Love Guatemala! Your support is transforming lives!

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