Land Update

We are excited to say that we only have about $1,500 more to go be able to purchase the piece of land we have been praying about and talking about for the last 6 months or so. We have been praying and talking about this piece of land that we know God is going to use to transform lives through our trade schools and feeding center. You can read here a further explanation of why we are buying land and building a building.

full article here

Please pray that God will bring in this last amount of money and that the purchase will go smoothly as buying property in Guatemala is not the easiest task. And then begin to pray with us for how God will use this land and building and for the building process and the funds for this. We are so excited and continue to be amazed at how God continues to guide and provide!

Check out a few pictures from a recent visit from Carlos and Ben our directors on the ground in Guatemala: