2013 Love Guatemala Graduation

Last year we had our first annual Love Guatemala graduation with 6 ladies graduating from the Cooking School. This year we have a Love Guatemala Cooking School Graduation and Art School Graduation with 4 ladies graduating from the cooking school and 6 young people from the art school graduating as well.  The graduation will be help October 17th when we have a team from Indy Metro Church to experience all this with us. This will be the first ever Art School graduation. This is a significant accomplishment in each of their lives. Many of them have never graduated from any type of school ever! This type of accomplishment will give them the hope they need to see that they can accomplish anything they want to accomplish with Gods help. Here are the graduates and a little about each of them.

Cooking School Graduates

This is Iris Lopez. Here is her story: First I want to give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to be able to begin studying at the cooking school because many times I have wanted to study but as a Mom I could not because of our financial situation or because of our son it is hard. I have a daugher who has been sick since she is born. She is now eight. I am grateful to be in the cooking school and to have this opportunity to learn about cooking and baking and be able to help provide for my family.

This is Gricelda Zapeta. Here is her story: I am grateful for the opportunity to study in the Cooking School and I am sad I will be leaving the cooking school, but I am grateful for the training and experience I have gained. With this training I hope to be able to continue to sell cakes and provide for my family. Thanks to my sponsor and to God for the support I have received!

This is Marleni Popol. Here is her story: I am Marleni and I am a mother of three kids. My longing to start studying in the cooking school is to learn and to help my family move forward. We already have difficult financial situations and we can not get ahead. I give thanks to God for this opportunity. And I ask God that He helps me to have success because I have my kids and I want to get ahead and I ask God that with this opportunity I can meet my goals. I give thanks to those who are supporting and have provided for this school and to the church.

This is Mayra Hernandez. Here is her story: I could no longer continue to study for economic reasons. So I am working and now my dream is to learn more cooking so I can have a little business so I can work in my home to support my family. I have 2 sons and 1 daughter. My sons are 9 and 7 and my daughter is 3. Thanks for your support so I can continue studying and be someone in the future and have a better future and so my kids can go to school. I am grateful to you all. God bless you and your life and I pray He fills you with love and health.

Art School Graduates:
This is Nancy Cimon. Here is her story: Nancy is in school as you know is now 14 years old and is the second of five siblings. Parents of Nancy told us that is a great blessing to have met good people like you and thanks to your help Nancy is getting a good education for their future. We also appreciate your generosity with the whole family by providing food for his 1 year old daughter is sick with chronic malnutrition and with their help the girl and is recovering.

They said this. We give thanks to God for the life of Pastor Aron and his family, Carlos and his family, and Pastor Ben and his family. Thank you all for helping our daughter and blessing all the family. We are very grateful. God Bless.

Nancy said, I grew up in the Art School and for me it is my home. I forget my problems and I am happy when I am there. Thank you for helping my family. God Bless.

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This is Jordy Chanta. Here is his story: I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I enjoy being in the art school because I want to learn from Mr Carlos and Mrs. Thelma and worship God through art.

This is Beverly Mendez. Here is her story: My name is Beverly and I started studying when I was 7. I studied from 7 to 12. My parents didn't have the money to send me to school. My 2 brothers are studying. I heard about the art school and my parents took me there and it has been a big blessing for me and my family. I thank God for letting me meet Carlos and Thelma. They are very special people they have a big heart. I have been studying art for the last 3 years. I am 15 years old now and for these last 3 years I have realized how big God is and all the beautiful things He has done. Next year its going to be my fourth year at the art school. I want to continue to study painting when I am finished at the Art School. When I finish the Art School I will start working to help my parents and become a professional artist.

This is Angel Velasquez. Here is his story: I was born on September 10th, 1998. I went to kindergarten and elementary school between 2003 and 2011. In 2007 I was able to begin attending the Art School. I am progressing in my talents and becoming one of the best students. I am studying in junior high now and want to be someone in life and move forward. I am trying to be one of the best and learn many things that are going to be good in the future.

This is Armando. Here is his story: I have been in the Art School for 3 years.  I have learned how to do many different things like crafts, learn things about God and a lot about art.  The art school has blessed me with many things.  For me it has been a big blessing to study in the art school.

This is Gerson. Here is his story: When I grow up I want to graduate with a degree in technical drawing and I want to become an engineer. And later more than anything I want to take dancing classes and and have a school of dancing business.

We are so proud of each of them and all they have accomplished.  We want  to help set them up for success as the leave the schools.  Here is our plan.  We want to provide each of them with a gift package with the tools they will need to begin being artists or bakers.  So we wanted to share with all of you and ask you to get involved if you want and donate one of the following items and/or donate financially to help make this happen.  Here are the list of supplies we would like to get for the graduates:

Art School Graduates:

  • Palettes – Plastic Flat Ones
  • Oil Paints – Yellow, Red, Blue, White
  • Metal Spatulas
  • Brushes for oil paint

Cooking School Graduates:

  • Cake Pans/Molds
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Handheld Mixers
  • Anything baking related items

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items you can give them to Jeremy Moss, Love Guatemala Coordinator.  Email him at jeremy@indymetro.org to set up a way to get your donations to him or you can donate financially towards this as well here.  Please mark as “gifts for graduates”  Please have these gifts or donations in by October 1st so we can have an idea and purchase the needed items before the Indy Metro team comes down in mid October.

Please pray as well for these graduates that they will continue to succeed and know of God's love for them.  Thanks for your prayers and support!