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Independence Day Night

As you may know, September 15th is Guatemala’s independence day. We celebrated by having an independence day event this year. 

Some of the schools worked together to put on skits about Bible stories. They all did a great job and helped to share parts of the Bible with everyone who attended! 

We also had a worship portion of the night where our intern from Columbia, Yeison, was able to lead us with a few worship songs. Afterward, Ben shared a sermon about how to find our freedom in Christ. It was a great message that was able to spread the gospel to the audience!

After the message, we had the portion of the night where four of our girls, each representing a different school in Love Guatemala, competed for the titles of Queen of Love Guatemala, Miss Sport, Miss Independence, and Miss Culture.

They each first wore typical clothes from different areas in Guatemala. They danced a traditional dance, explained a bit about what they were wearing, the culture of the area they were representing, and they each presented a typical food to the judges to try. After that portion, was the gala portion. Each contestant dressed up, talked a bit about themselves, and answered questions for the judges. Each girl did a great job!

To finish the night, they had the awards for each of the contestants and then a prayer. It was a great night and everyone had a good time. It was a fantastic way of celebrating Guatemala’s independence!

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