Give Hope

Helping the Community in Times of Crisis

With everything going on around the world, Love Guatemala and New Life Church has been looking for ways to help the community.

It can be challenging because everyone in Guatemala is beginning quarantined. On Thursday, some of Love Guatemala staff and members of the church were able to put together bags of food for people in the community who are in need. There are many families with elderly that shouldn’t go out, or people that with lack of work, will not have money to buy food. We feel very blessed to have been able to deliver food to 25 families. 

In delivering food, it was an awesome chance to also give hope to those families. In this time, we want to continually remind people that God is in control and we shouldn’t be afraid. It was such a great opportunity to remind families of that and pray with them.

Another huge blessing is that we are in an age of technology. The chance to share live videos allows the ministry to share the hope of Jesus with students, their families, and people in the community. We feel very thankful that we can share with people as they stay safe in their homes.

Please continue to pray with us as we pray for Guatemala and all the countries affected.

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